AI technology is advancing every day at an exponential rate, and’s recent announcement of ChatGPT Enterprise may change the way businesses do Customer Support forever. 

A recent Forbes article discussed the many ways in which AI is opening doors to new possibilities for businesses, including in the customer support field. The article states that while AI chatbots can help customers with basic inquiries, they are often unable to answer more complex questions.

Though this article was written earlier this year, that problem will soon be a relic of the past thanks to’s announcement of ChatGPT Enterprise.

Now that ChatGPT Enterprise can access private business data in a secure manner, they are revolutionizing the way that companies deliver customer service at the highest level. In this blog, we will discuss how businesses can implement this technology to push their customer satisfaction rates even further to better retain customers and improve their overall CLTV as well.

How does it work?

ChatGPT Enterprise is a large language model (LLM) chatbot similar to the very popular ChatGPT, but instead of drawing information from public data across the internet, it allows for companies to feed their own data into a privatized language model for specific use cases within their organization. OpenAI guarantees that any data shared with it will not be shared anywhere else. This means companies can utilize data from Salesforce into the language model’s context database so that it can output personalized and relevant information. 

This is done by Semantic search. Once the background set up is done, the language model will communicate with Semantic search to pull information directly from Salesforce about a particular client’s inquiry (an update on an order status for example). It will then do what GPT does and create a textual response using its previously established context window’s parameters in order to accurately and effectively answer a customer’s question.

What does this mean for customer support teams?

The ability to automate customer support using an accurate language model can open up customer support teams to focus their time on more complex, human-requiring problems that crop up during the buyer’s journey. This automation also means that most questions and concerns from customers can be fielded much quicker (as in near instantly) without sacrificing accuracy or consistency.

Enterprise GPT can be used internally as well to help customer support agents serve their clients better. When integrated into Salesforce, ChatGPT Enterprise allows for customer support teams to ask questions in simple terms and with specific parameters about nearly anything related to their business. 

Say for example, that an employee is on the phone with a customer who has concerns about the product they purchased. Using a quick query, a customer support employee could ask for the customer’s order details, purchase history, and even ask ChatGPT Enterprise to produce a summarized list of previous talking points in existing emails the customer has sent the company. 

This near instant, automated, and customizable process is incredibly efficient and can be used in a variety of ways, both within the parameters of customer support and beyond.

AI customer support tools already exist, but none as advanced as what ChatGPT Enterprise can offer. The biggest barrier to access this tool in the past has been the security vulnerabilities that come with ChatGPT, but Enterprise completely eliminates that problem and opens the door for a brand new customer experience. 

What ChatGPT Enterprise Could Look Like

The moment a customer begins an interaction with your business’s ChatGPT Enterprise chatbot, the bot will have access to account information for every customer, similar to something like this: 

Once a customer enters a prompt and an identifier, such as an email address, the bot will then pull from that information to produce a response. The following is a basic example of what this interaction could look like.

 This example was produced with very basic ChatGPT prompts, but by further customizing and improving the context window with automation flows, Enterprise will be able to immensely improve the customer support experience at any organization.

The internal side of ChatGPT Enterprise looks very similar to the previous example, pulling from the same database for questions from customer support employees. Many customers still prefer to access customer support solutions via phone or email, but Enterprise can still be used to great effect in these instances. 

Say a customer on the phone is frustrated because previous emails they exchanged with a representative were unclear. Using Enterprise GPT, you can quickly pull up either a complete summary of all email exchanges or a shortened summary of the main talking points. With this in hand, any confusion or conflicts can immediately be remediated without too much back and forth.

How can Strong CRM Help?

Strong CRM keeps up with the tech industry and groundbreaking technologies like Enterprise GPT are the types of tools that we love to recommend and implement for our customers. As experienced CRM consultants, we know that it is important to empower companies to grow and maintain their own tech stack in a way that is effective and sustainable..

Staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology is crucial to a company’s success, and especially at the rate that AI is evolving, it’s easy to get left behind and  hamper your business growth. To learn more about how Strong CRM can help you take the next step, contact us or check out our other blogs for more information.

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