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Optimizing your Revenue Operations stack can increase productivity even in a declining economy. Typical clients see 30-40% efficiency gains in the first few months.

Scaling, tracking, and reporting on the full B2B SaaS revenue cycle poses challenges, especially as you experience the growth that investors demand. We’ve built B2B SaaS revenue engines before, and can design customized solution to your business.

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360 View of the Customer

Integrating across various systems: Hubspot, Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, Tableau, Gainsight, Zendesk, etc. can be time consuming and never really produces the exact results you want. We’ll work with you to build a full-cycle revenue system, based around Salesforce as the source of truth, but pulling in data from other systems to create a 360 degree view of the customer.

Customer Success Management

Customer Success touches so many areas of the Customer Relationship that it’s impossible to just use one system. We will integrate as much data as possible into a centralized view, then build a customized and automated Playbooks platform inside of Salesforce & Outreach or Salesloft to track the customer journey and enable your CSMs to take the right action, exactly when they need to.

Recurring Revenue & Renewal Tracking

Renewals are the lifeblood of any B2B SaaS business. Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to track them right out of the box in Salesforce. We have built renewal tracking systems for countless organizations that accurately track current and historical ARR, as well as full and partial churns for each customer – giving you a clear view of revenue leakage at the global and customer level.

SDR & Lead Operations

SDRs/BDRs/MDRs – whatever the name, they’re extremely valuable. This is the fastest-growing Sales position right now because of the high ROI and pipeline to AE. However, making your SDR team highly efficient and integrating them with your Marketing team takes careful planning and operational excellence. We’ll help you implement, optimize, and manage your Outreach or Salesloft and integrate fully with Salesforce and your marketing automation system to ensure top efficiency.

3rd Party Cookies Transition

Because of Google’s announcement that they are deprecating 3rd party cookies in Chrome, Marketers and Revenue leaders are working on various solutions to manage this transition. No one solution has emerged yet as the primary, however, we will prepare your systems for this transition and use tried and true first party methods to enable solid tracking.


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We’ve not only helped B2B Companies dramatically increase efficiency and client satisfaction with Salesforce, but we’ve led high-growth Sales teams in the space. From integrating your systems the right way to preparing your company for Sale with the right due dilligence reporting, we’ve done it all. Let us help customize a solution for you.

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