Outbound Sales

ROI Calculator

Our free Outbound Sales ROI calculator provides key metrics you need to track to create positive ROI from your outbound sales team. Scroll to check your ROI now.

Project Outbound Sales Team ROI

We’ve built countless outbound sales teams for companies of all shapes and sizes. Below is an easy-to-use calculator that allows you to project what the total return on investment will be for your sales team. It will also give you monthly and yearly metrics such as:

  • Calls Made/Month
  • Demos Expected/Month
  • Deals Won/Year
  • Total Revenue Generated/Year

How to Use

Below you’ll see you start out with the two fields that we need you to fill out – Average Contract Value and Average Close Rate on new business.

All other fields are pre-filled based on average metrics, but you will be able to customized them to your team.

At the end, you will be able to submit your information to get the results emailed to you. 

ROI Look Good?

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