Build Family Office Level Relationships at Scale

We have built industry-specific applications that help Wealth Managers scale personal client relationships, manage compliance requirements, and increase recognition for shadow work.

Scale your personal client relationships with Strong CRM:

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Streamline Fee Management

Whether your fee structure is percentage-based or fee-only, managing fee structures and changes can be a time-consuming process. No longer – we will build a custom Advisor Fee Management solution right inside your Salesforce. Integrate it with our Automatic Payments & Financial Accounts work and you have a fully automated Fee solution saving hours of manual work.

Automate Client Action Plans

Need to onboard a new client with custom documents, signatures, account setup, and more each time? How about managing a backdoor Roth process for every client each year? These action plans are manual and take time – so we will build you a custom Action Plans system inside of Salesforce. Many steps – like document generation, eSignature, and client communication – can be completely automated. Others will be tracked through custom tasks. All of it will have detailed reporting to track progress with every Action Plan.

Track All Financial Accounts

Yes, all financial accounts – within Salesforce. We will build a connection with your existing client portal into your Salesforce so that you can track balances and even transaction history for all of your client accounts without leaving Salesforce. Integrate this with our Automated Fee Tracker & Billing and you can save hours of administrative time every month.

Customize Client Portals

Interact with your clients right from Salesforce – no integration required. We will build a custom branded client portal with Salesforce Experience Cloud that allows your clients to interact with you in the way that is unique to your firm. And, if we’ve integrated Financial Accounts, they will be able to see all of their holdings, account balances, and history all in one place.

Automate Billing

We integrate your billing directly with Salesforce – either through Credit Card or ACH from their accounts. In conjunction with the Automatic Fee Calculator and custom Automatic Email Alerts, we can streamline the calculation and billing process, letting you focus on what matters most – advising your clients.


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We’ve helped Wealth Managers dramatically increase efficiency and client satisfaction with Salesforce in countless ways. From integrating Salesforce and Slack to migrating firms over from other CRMs, we’ve seen it all. Let us help you customize your solution today.

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