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Revenue attribution models are broken. Especially with complex (and elongating) B2B Cycles, a simple Lead Source doesn’t really get at the nuance of attributing revenue.

We’ve built a new system for attributing revenue that takes data from online and offline sources, normalizes them, and produces customizable attribution models at the click of a button.

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Our custom revenue attribution systems cut across different services and sources to create a single source of truth.

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B2B Revenue Attribution is broken – so we wrote about it. Take a look at our most recent post on Lead Source.

Why is Attribution Important?

Ultimately it comes down to one thing: ROI.

If we spend $10,000 on a syndicated marketing campaign, how much revenue did we get out of it?

The lead source field used to be enough. But then we had longer sales cycles with multiple touchpoints and we realized we needed to build multiple ways to attribute revenue. We came up with two options: first touch and last touch.

This became obsolete quickly and we started looking at linear multi touch. Then weighted multi touch. Then U-Shaped. Then W shaped. And on and on.

But now we have sales cycles that incorporate significantly more actions along the funnel, and with the return to traditional marketing and Sales outreach, digital-only solutions do not cut it.

How Do We Attribute Revenue?

Completely Rethink Actions From You & Your Customer

We start by mapping any potential action that a customer could engage with your brand. We call these “Attributable Actions.” Think ad spend, SEO, Events, Cold Sales Outreach, TV Ads, Direct Mail, etc.

Then we map out the various ways that a potential customer could signal interest in a solution you provide. We call these “Significant Events.” This could be a form fill on your website, a phone call with sales, a booth visit at an event, etc.

Next, we implement a technical solution that pulls in every Significant Event and the preceding Attributable Actions. We can then map the full customer journey, regardless of the number of actions the customer took to get to final sale

This allows us to take our final step of layering on the custom attribution models and filters. We’ll build in the basics like first touch, last touch, and linear multi-touch. But we can also build in complex models with time delay, weighted based on a regression analysis, and other advanced AI.

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