Salesforce MFA

We help you stay compliant with Salesforce and enhance data protection

Salesforce has begun to require multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all of its users as of February 2022. Salesforce MFA is a security layer that authenticates user credentials using a second verification method. Rather than simply entering only your credentials to log in to Salesforce, another validation method is now required to gain account access.

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Helping You Protect Your Data & Stay Compliant

Stay Compliant & Enhance Data Security

Although MFA adds another step to your login process, it also adds another layer of protection against cybercriminals and helps increase the security of your valuable data. If your organization has not implemented MFA organization-wide, it is currently out of compliance with Salesforce. 

How it Works

Salesforce MFA Setup

Salesforce provides a myriad of options for how to implement MFA. Since the tech stack for each organization is different, we find, recommend, and set up Salesforce MFA based on the option(s) that best fit your environment. Implementing MFA for Salesforce will give you peace of mind knowing that users’ accounts have an added layer or security given the current cybersecurity landscape.

Salesforce Authenticator

3rd Party Authenticator Applications

Security Key

Built-In Authenticator

How We Help

Because there are so many options to choose from with the new requirement for Salesforce MFA, it can be daunting to know where to start. We’ll set everything up for your users, train users on how to use it, and check in with you regularly to ensure it’s running smoothly. 

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