Lead Lifecycle

This tried-and-true lead lifecycle optimization template has increased pipeline revenue by as much as 40% at organizations like yours.

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Need More Pipeline? Focus on the Lead Lifecycle

Optimizing your lead lifecycle is typically the easiest way to get more revenue out of your existing pipeline. Defining your lead lifecycle and building out a process for each step along the way will improve your lead conversion rate and increase your closed deals.

Building a Lead Process/Lifecycle that takes into account the whole B2B Funnel requires more than just the “Lead Status” field. It involves taking a deep look at each of the following aspects of the typical lead lifecycle:

  • Lead Statuses
  • Sales Contacting Process
  • Lead Recycle Process
  • Automation

We’ve built a template for you to start with, complete with optimizations and recommendations for each of these steps. It’s our gift, to you!

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