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Optimizing the patient experience through technology is the next frontier for most healthcare practices. We help small- and medium-sized physician, veterinary, and dental practices increase patient satisfaction, manage provider relations, and maximize reimbursements with high quality care.

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360 View of the Patient

Integrating across various systems: your EMR, Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, etc. can be time consuming and never really produces the exact results you want. We’ll work with you to build a full-cycle patient-management system, based around your EMR as the source of truth, but pulling in data from other systems to create a 360 degree view of the patient, regardless of how they choose to interact with you.

Provider Relations

Having strong relationships with other providers is key to providing your patients with the best possible care. Not only do you want to refer patients to the providers with the best outcomes, but tracking those referrals and following up on them to gather data improves the patient experience and increases the quality of care. We build systems to track, report on, and automate patient relationships with other providers.

Patient Portals & Scheduling

Giving patients secure access to their provider, their overall care plan, and appointment scheduling can save your practice significant time and overhead cost, while also improving the overal patient experience. We design and build custom portals for your practice focused on saving your people time so you can keep your eyes on providing quality care.

New Patient Acquisition & Onboarding

Acquiring patients and adding them into all of your systems is a costly and time-consuming process. We automate the transition from initial contact, regardless of the source, all the way to first office visit. We’ll take a hard look at every process that gets the patient there and work with you to build custom technology to manage each step.


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We’ve not only helped Healthcare Providers dramatically increase efficiency and patient satisfaction with Salesforce, but we’ve helped run small healthcare provider businesses. From integrating your EMR to streamlining patient communications, to increasing ROI of marketing spend, we’ve helped providers do it all as they grow their practice.

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