For businesses looking to scale in 2023, simply collecting activity data within your target accounts is not enough. With such a wealth of varied and important information across a business’ many teams, having high-quality, reliable data is a standard that must be met.

At Strong CRM, we believe in recommending only the best tools for our clients, which is why we are incredibly excited to announce our partnership with SetSail, a leading RevOps technology company. Specializing in data-centered sales solutions, SetSail offers an expansive and impressive suite of solutions to help sellers accelerate their deals and support CRM hygiene.

With cutting-edge products like SetSail AI and Sales Activity Tracking, SetSail offers unparalleled analysis and application of your business data to help you build a revenue strategy and process that sets your organization up for exponential growth. 

About SetSail

Experts in the RevOps space, SetSail is setting the bar higher for revenue intelligence by providing their customers with high-quality products that organize and visualize accurate data.

“One of our core values is to focus on results. That strongly influences the way we build our solution as well as how we help our customers reach their goals.

In the building process, we’re laser-focused on how fast we can deliver value to our customers. For example, SetSail’s sales data layer centralizes, orchestrates, and enriches all of the data across a revenue team’s tech stack. And we wanted to find a way to quickly surface the rich insights and learnings from that data for sales leadership to act on.” – Peter Mollins, CMO at SetSail

Crucially, SetSail’s products not only sort and classify data, but also centralize them all within Salesforce or your preferred data lake, meaning the information that matters most across different channels like Zoom calls, emails, calendars, or sales engagement tools like Outreach are all easily accessible and organized in one central location. 

With this, SetSail customers are able to streamline their data analysis to create effective and informed strategies with ease.

Sales Activity Tracking

Tracking reps’ sales activity is a challenge, especially when reps are operating across various systems on a daily basis. This data fragmentation can make it nearly impossible to accurately track the effectiveness of your reps and your sales program overall.

SetSail’s Sales Activity Tracking solution automatically gathers your sales activity data from across your go-to-market tech stack and organizes it into a single location, ensuring that no activity ever gets lost.

Lots of other sales tools offer “activity capture” but they only capture data on the activities that take place within their tool. Or, if they do try to pull in data from other tools, accuracy is greatly diminished. SetSail is built with the modern revenue tech stack in mind, uniquely able to get activity tracking right and put that data where you need it most – in your CRM or your data lake.

Sales Activity Tracking can even help you onboard new sales reps by giving them streamlined and accurate data about your company’s current opportunities so they can jump right in and understand what works best for each customer. 

Overall, Sales Activity Tracking is a great way for businesses to elevate their data collection across any and all of their teams. 

SetSail AI

SetSail’s AI capabilities put the power in your hands. Data by itself serves the purpose of reporting and tracking, but when you’re able to access it right away without needing yet another dashboard, you can use the information to move the needle on a deal or within the sales process. 

“We dive deep into data to pull out insights that are relevant to your business, not a generic business. Like multithreading. Sure, it’s important. But which persona should you multithread with? Sending timely emails matters, yes. But who should they be sent to and with what message? SetSail is going to help you know and reinforce the behaviors that truly drive revenue.”

Additionally, SetSail AI’s language model makes asking for help easy, as it allows sales reps to ask any questions they have in plain English and receive instant feedback in a way that is easily digestible and can even include visuals like charts and graphs.

“We built SetSail AI, which enables revenue team members to instantly ask questions and get answers from their sales data. They can get high-level insights such as, “How many meetings does it take to close a deal?” or they can ask more tactical questions like, “Which deals should I be focusing on?” 

Just getting accurate data is one thing – but being able to take action to affect the pipeline immediately is another dimension of value. Giving this power to our customers means we’re doing our job right.”

SetSail AI is every revenue leader’s dream, as it allows them to unstick their stuck deals. But how do you do that if you don’t know what’s happening in your deals or what the next best steps are?

By utilizing data based on past wins, SetSail AI gives sales teams the insight they need to move deals through their pipeline and win more.


StrongCRM and SetSail’s new partnership opens the door for RevOps innovations and custom-tailored CRM solutions to meet any company’s revenue intelligence needs. To learn more about how SetSail can help your business, check out their Data Quality Checklist to diagnose problems with your current sales activity tracking solutions or contact them directly.

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