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Why Strong CRM?

1. Expand Your Revenue Team – Get an entire team of revenue leaders, sales leaders and expert developers all going to bat for you, for less than the cost of one full-time employee.

2. Fix Pipeline Leaks – Stop leaking Revenue! Identify and solve common and not-so-common system inefficiencies that are losing you money.

3. Leave it to the Experts – Our hands-on team will implement, optimize and manage your Salesforce instance to drive ongoing revenue growth, allowing your team to focus on what they do best, closing deals.

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We Take Care of the Things You’d Rather Not Deal With

Our team of experts do CRM and RevOps strategy and development every day, and we love it. Some of our specialties include: Quota Management within Salesforce, Lead Process Optimization, Outbound Sales Optimization, Sales Pipeline Management, Customer Success, Sales and Support Playbooks, Reporting and Dashboard, and Tech Stack Implementation. We meet companies where they are to identify and implement solutions across all your systems and processes, saving your team time to focus on what they do best — closing deals. Schedule a call to chat about your how we can help.

How Our Managed Services Increase Your Revenue Growth

Lead Process Optimization

The biggest area of revenue leakage we see is slow, inefficient, and poorly executed inbound lead processes. We’ll get you in touch with every lead, every time at lightning speed.

Outbound Team & Systems

We’ll implement, optimize, and manage your whole outbound sales team – a necessity as we’re headed towards a recessionary environment. 

Renewal Management

Your existing customers are your most valuable asset. We help ensure that no renewal goes unnoticed and no ARR gets lost in that renewal. Get churn as low as possible!

Customer Success

Our team is a firm believer in the power of Customer Success. We have built systems inside of Salesforce to track customer progress, automate interactions, and score their health.

Analytics & Reporting

We’re not just Sales Leaders, we’re SQL experts. We’ll build you dashboards that join data across all systems, including finance, product, sales, marketing, customer success, HR, and more.

Client Satisfaction

We’ve helped B2B Companies dramatically increase efficiency and client satisfaction with Salesforce, leading to great ARR and higher rates of growth in the space.

Scaling Recurring Revenue Through Tech and Automation

Scaling, tracking, and reporting on the full B2B SaaS revenue cycle poses challenges, especially as you experience the growth that investors demand. We build B2B SaaS Revenue Engines that increase recurring revenue and set software companies up for long-term growth.

Start Investing in Revenue Operations to Scale Your Recurring Revenue.

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