Personalized Generative AI

Turn Your Org’s Data into a Private AI Engine

Build an Org-specific Generative AI Solution personalized to your company, fed by your existing data.

Emails, Documents, Call Transcripts, Chats, CRM, etc. fed into your private AI just for your organization

Sales Enablement

Don’t just get your Sales Team existing content, automatically generate new content with your brand tone and voice customized to each client, and directly inside your CRM.


Automatically generate new contracts from your existing library of MSAs, NDAs, etc. that are perfect for each situation, client, and use case with one simple prompt.

Wealth Management

Build financial plans, get personalized meeting summaries, assign action items, all without any human intervention but completely customized to your clients

Customer Service

Solve issues and take Tier 1 Customer Support/Service off of your human team with Generative AI that responds in the correct voice and tone for your brand.


Onboard new employees, send offer letters, access DEI metrics, and build complex reports about your company all with a simple prompt-based interface


Understand every facet of your business, from contractual obligations to hard-to-find metrics at the click of a button or a few keystrokes.

…And More


Put your data to work.

If you can imagine having your own private, secured Generative AI solution that has your company’s voice and tone – this is what we’re talking about. Using public Generative AI does not take into account your specific industry and your company’s data. We have built a solution that ingests all relevant company data and creates an easily promptable Generative AI solution.

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