CRM Health Grader:

Find and Fix Your CRM Data Challenges

Our secure Health Grader tool generates a detailed report of your CRM’s health in seconds using discrete, read-only data from your Salesforce instance. Try it for free now!

Why use the Grader?

Salesforce estimates that 91% of CRM data is incomplete and 70% of that data deteriorates annually. Your CRM might be the exception — but probably not.

That means you’re missing critical opportunity data. Your contacts are incomplete. You can’t see what your reps are doing. And you don’t know what could be hurting your revenue. The CRM Health Grader shows you the most glaring problems in your CRM.


Get Your Detailed Report in Seconds

Receive instant insights into your CRM data problems, including metrics on opportunity health, contact completeness, account coverage, and rep activities.

See the most serious challenges at the top so you can prioritize and fix your issues accordingly.


Secure and Private

The CRM Health Grader was built with security and privacy front-and-center. This is our promise to you:

  • No emails, contact details, or any other fields will be sent to anyone
  • Access is used strictly for read-only purposes
  • Your oAuth token is not stored or cached (it’s gone once you close your browser)
  • Only anonymized data is captured and for benchmarking purposes only


No Download required. Save hours of analysis

See what your CRM is missing without the legwork. Just sign in using Salesforce, and get the results right in your browser.

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